Lizzie Butler: Authentic Personal Brand

Lizzie was looking to communicate with her audience by using authentic personal brand images. Lizzie Butler, a business development specialist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, focuses on building communication skills.


Lizzie Butler is the founder and creator of creator of LB Communications, an exciting business that shares the most essential communication skills for corporate and individual development. Lizzie helps individuals and businesses enhance their communication skills. They can then perform to their fullest, develop their teams, and grow their business.

Being an expert in communication, Lizzie understood that to effectively communicate her message, she would need authentic personal brand visuals to support and enhance the words that she would be using.


Not only is Lizzie super experienced at raising performance for companies across the Midlands, she is one of those people that just makes you smile... all the time! She was great fun to be around, and every time I look through her photos I still find myself with a huge grin.

In addition to Lizzie Butler's sales consultancy work, she also offers business development coaching and support for practical and passionate SME owners. Replace the words "Lizzie Butler" with "human dynamo" and you get the idea.


Our initial consultation centred around her messaging, determining what Lizzie was actually trying to communicate. What is her personal brand?

Together, we discussed the kinds of images that she would be looking for, how they would be used, and alternative images that would be useful further down the line. I create for all my clients a mini library of images for use in their media kit, on their website, on social media and blogs.

Being Authentic: Telling Your Story In Pictures

There's more to personal branding than a few nice pictures of you smiling at the camera. The images that we capture are very much like the pictures in a story book. They support the words and help communicate emotions as well as just a literal image.

The initial work on our personal branding journey is worth investing in, as everything that follows just falls nicely into place.


Detail images add ways to engage your audience as you tell your story - shoes are important to Lizzie

Capturing the Images

Once we had done our branding preparation, we arranged three photoshoots to cover the images for her branding. The focus was on her training work, her consultancy work, and finally, reinforcing her brand through her lifestyle. This really would give Lizzie a great platform to be able to produce content on a wide range of topics, as well as introduce herself in the context of those things that are most important to her. Most importantly, were the words "authentic personal brand."

"Peter Nutkins is a natural communicator and helps you think about the how you’re going to use your photos ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll also have a lot of fun!"

Lizzie Butler

The first photoshoot was with the author, business consultant and management trainer, Chris Parker. Together, they make a formidable team and, of course, have lots of fun and laughter along the way. Chris also runs "The Brain Always Wins" alongside clinical sport psychologist John Sullivan.


Room left for text to go above the image of Chris and Lizzie


Personal Branding can take place anywhere!

The second shoot was based around an office and classroom environment. This gave us scope to get those all-important images that Lizzie would be able to use on her blog and website.

Can you imagine how Lizzie would use these images to illustrate a blog post or article?


The final personal branding shoot was lifestyle oriented at home and with her loving family...all of which will help Lizzie to craft her brand in her media posts.

I love the photos! And your practical approach and effective thought process for personal branding too! I've learnt a lot and really appreciate your support. I'll be able to use the photographs time and time again. I'm also excited for next year's events so I'll be in touch very soon. If you're looking for photographs and personal branding support, go talk to Peter Nutkins - he's ace!

Lizzie Butler


Your Authentic Personal Brand

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