Blog: Brands and People

Welcome to the "blog". Here you will find a selection of articles that I have written that cover topics relevant to the work that I do. My clients have found some of this information useful, so please take a look around and see if there is anything that helps you. Each blog entry gives you the opportunity to add a comment if you have something to share.


Linkedin Photo: Connecting Made Easy!

One of the most effective ways to build relationships with colleagues and potential clients is through face-to-face networking. However, collecting business cards and typing in the information can be time-consuming. Connecting is simple with your LinkedIn photo and the Nearby feature. Read more about the nearby tool...

[5 min read]


Size Matters: Image SEO

The size of images on your website can make a big difference to where you rank in searches by Google and other search engines. Getting your image search engine optimisation (SEO) right is key to being in the top 10. Discover more...

[7 min read]


Brand Colour

What colour says about your brand is important to your audience. Plus, you can evoke emotions and feelings just by the colours that you choose! Read more about colour...

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Building Rapport

The significance of rapport-building in personal branding should not be underestimated.Make sure that you have a great connection with your clients. Read more about rapport...

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