Brand Story: Louise Third MBE 

Your audience wants to make a real connection with your brand. Illustrating your brand story with high quality photography helps you deliver your message in an authentic way.

Louise Third MBE and I first met when she was the host of the East Midlands Women Leaders Conference.

Louise is a local business celebrity. She does not limit herself to supporting business leaders in and around the Midlands, Louise is a volunteer for the Teso Development Trust and regularly travels to Uganda to monitor projects in women’s enterprise, village savings and loan funds, and girls’ education.


Our mission was to create a wide range of images to illustrate everything from her new website, blogs and tweets, online and offline presentations, and social media profiles.

Telling Your Brand Story in Pictures

There's more to personal branding than a few nice pictures of you smiling at the camera. The images that we capture are very much like the pictures in a story book. Not only do they support the words of your message, they communicate the context and emotion of your message too.

Initially, we work on your brand story. This is really worth investing in, as everything that follows is designed to reinforce your story.


We will guide you every step of the way, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how you want your brand photoshoot to be (in case you are not sure), what to wear, how the styling will be, where the shoot will be, or how you will pose, because we will take care of each and everything.

During Louise's shoot days, we toured Nottingham, starting nice and early in the lace market for a sunrise photoshoot on top of the ibis Nottingham Centre Hotel.


Every shoot is 100% custom designed for your needs and your unique personality and business. No one session is the same. For us, each and every image we take of you and your business is important, and hence, we put our sincerest efforts into creating bespoke branding images for your business.


We included a range of well-known Nottingham locations, such as Cobden Chambers, where Louise has an office. The Chambers are one of Nottingham's hidden gems. This little hideaway provides a great backdrop for some colourful images.

Moving on, we visited Speakers Corner, a project that Louise has been involved in, as well as Nottingham Playhouse. A quick stop at St Mary's Church, where Louise had been coaching readers for the services, brought us back to the lace market again.


FaceBook header including key elements for branding

Our second session was at Bromley House Library and Nottingham Trent University. The building's interior is modern and bright and is the perfect nondescript setting for some feature images.


Personal Branding Services

When it comes to business, it’s so important to share your brand message and value with your ideal clients clearly. The fact is, people are looking out for businesses that they can relate to and want to buy from. If you can share who you are as a business through your branding photos, you are making it easier for your ideal clients to approach you.

  • Branding is not a cool trending word, it's an opportunity to express yourself.
  • Consistently sharing your message with your audience leads to trust and credibility.
  • Images play a big role in your personal branding. They help your audience identify your message.
  • Personal branding images are a great way to attract the audience you are looking for.

Your next step

If you’re looking for a way to get the message of your brand out in an authentic way, have a look at the personal branding service we provide. Then get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how I can help support you in developing your brand: