Event Photography: An Open House

The Institute of Directors, or IoD for short, has organised a series of national and regional "Open House" conferences to help British business boardrooms make a greater impact. These "Open House" events cover three core themes on the agendas of every top business leader today: having a global outlook, being connected, and being inclusive.

It has been an honour to provide official event photos for each of the London conferences.


Firstly, each theme premiers in London, and then tours the country region by region.


National Event


Regional Event

The IoD Open House Event is the showpiece event series for forward-thinking business leaders across the UK. Every event provides the opportunity to learn from and network with some of the business world’s greatest thought leaders. Each event incorporates collaborative learning activities with inspirational presentations. Consequently, delegates are well prepared for what may be around the business corner. In conclusion, adding great food and social networking makes these events not to be missed!


Podium images are excellent for live tweeting!


"Exploration creates opportunity. Expanding operations to, and trading with, new overseas markets offers the possibility of real growth for UK companies. But with complex factors transforming Britain’s role on the international stage, business leaders must understand how to quickly adapt to, and navigate through, a turbulent global economy. At these Open House events you’ll learn how to navigate this complex world with the help of trade experts and global business leaders with unique perspectives on international issues."

Institute of Directors


Picking an angle that is dynamic creates an image that a delegate would not typically get with their mobile

Open House: Client Expectations

For me, photographing an event means capturing the big story, as well as the emotion and context of the experience. For the Open House series, my brief was to include branding, sponsors, and VIPs alongside interested delegates at the venue.


Venue shots give context


Detail shots can be used by the venue

The images I capture serve a number of purposes for an event such as the Open House series. My client wants a record of the event itself. This can be used for announcements, web and print articles, as well as press releases. In addition, these same images can be used for advertising future similar events, used to illustrate different materials as examples of diversity (such as shots of male or female delegates, a good cross section of cultures sitting or working together) or a particular speaker, topic, or even seating style.


Nothing I could do about the wonky table


Encouraging delegates to have fun too!

The delegates who attend conferences also want images. They want to download, share, and post images of themselves, famous speakers, colleagues, and experiences from an event. This is why I provide a LIVE gallery for delegates to download during the event itself. Final images are available within a few hours of the event.


Making photos available to attendees, with no charge, certainly makes a difference to the event organisation, as their event produces much more media traffic.


An example would not only be on social media, but my images have also been used for regional news, company pages, and even national magazines because they were able to be downloaded there and then. The event (and hopefully me too) gets credited with raising the profile of the original client.


Before an event, I do my research and produce a contact sheet of VIPs so that I can recognise them and get shots of what they are doing. As I work with the IOD quite often, I have a good understanding of the various marketing devices that I can work into as many shots as possible.


Leonardo Royal Hotel, St Pauls London

My Personal Agenda

I love conferences, particularly as I learn so much from the speakers! The other aspect of this kind of corporate photographyis that I can capture people in a creative way. This is my challenge for every event: the alternative story of the human condition.


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