Visual Storytelling

for Expert Business Owners

Photographer and Visual Story Expert Peter Nutkins. Helping Speakers, Authors, Consultants and other Experts inspire those they serve through the Power of Image.


You can maximise the power of your communication with visual storytelling. I help you illustrate what you say to your audience with high-quality, genuine, purposeful images.

"It's not enough to say how you solve problems. You need to show what it looks like."


The Science Behind Visual Storytelling

✅ Humans are Visual First, verbal second - your visual cortex dominates your brain

✅ Effectively pairing words and visual content enhances attention, memory, recall, and believability

✅ People make decisions based more on emotion than rational thought

✅ Images are the most effective way to convey emotion

✅ Stories hold attention, and when they reflect the audience's experience they make an emotional connection which changes behaviour


“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”

Walt Disney


The Benefits to You - The Expert

Create distinction between you and others in your field by empowering people to visualise what it looks like to work with you

✅ Shape how you want your audience to see you and engage with you

Build authentic relationships showing how, why, and what you do when faced with the same experiences as your audience

✅ Learn how to maximise the power of your message by being intentional in matching text and image

✅ Create a library of content that plugs seamlessly into your marketing and promotional materials


Visual Storytelling Involves Two Types of Content

Promotional Photos

Images for bios and headshots, profile photos, speaker one-sheets, newsletters, professional associations and book jackets. These go into your Media Pack.


A library of images you can send out whenever you need a top-quality PR photo.


Business Story Photos

These are candid images that capture your day-to-day. Images that are purposeful in illustrating the message you are communicating to your audience.


You are not just saying it - you are showing it. You are telling a story about what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Your audience sees you in action - something both believable and authentic. Seeing your work rapidly builds a genuine connection.


This collection of images is ideal for social media, specific service pages on your website, online content, infographics, client proposals, presentation slides, and other marketing needs.

“Visual storytelling utilises both language and art to pass on the essence of who we are”

Debbie Millman


What Does the Process of Creating Photos Look Like?


During a Strategy Call, we'll do a deep dive into your work world. From aspects of your personality to how you help your clients solve their problem.

These answers shape your shoot plan. We decide your wardrobe, locations to shoot, props to include and what you are doing while in front of the camera.

We also talk about how visual storytelling works - when to use it, how to do it best, and when you do something else.



Using our customised shoot plan we’ll spend our time going through the shot list, one by one, until we capture everything we need.

Having a comprehensive plan allows us wiggle room to experiment and capture extra content that presents itself in the moment.


Post-session, we'll review every photo taken to choose the keepers and delete the rest. We'll decide the best uses for each photo. Which ones are best used as profile photos, website banners, social media posts, blog articles...

"We strategise and collaborate to create a library of visual content you can use time and time again."



No more staring at a folder filled with hundreds of photos leaving you overwhelmed and creatively paralysed!

Your secure image library will be organised by type into appropriate folders. This will help create a faster, more effective process for you and your team. You can also comment on, select and rate photos for specific marketing projects.



Once I sprinkle a little editing magic dust on each photo you’ll be sent a secure online link to your library.

You can download your images in different resolutions depending on how you want to use them.

Your link remains live, so if you're on the road and need images you can download whatever you want - there and then.

Which Session is Right for Where You are Right Now?

Firm Foundation

Ideal for Experts focusing on updating their websites, social profile photos, and other essential marketing images

Pre-Session Strategy Call

1-day Photo Shoot

6-8 Scenarios

Unlimited Outfits

Books & Materials

Select + Sort Images

Editing & Processing

Secure Online Library

Create up to 85 Images

£1250 + Travel

Get Ahead

Perfect for Experts creating images and foundational marketing assets for online and offline marketing campaigns

Pre-Session Strategy Call

2-day Photo Shoot

or, 1 day plus Get Ahead Event

12-14 Scenarios

Unlimited Outfits

Photos of your books & materials

Select + Sort Images

Editing & Processing

Secure Online Library

Create up to 170 Images

£2350 + Travel

Soar Above

For Experts looking to reposition their entire online presence to create a comprehensive marketing strategy

Pre-Session Strategy Call

4-Day Photo Shoot

or, combination of days & events

18-20 Scenarios

Unlimited Outfits

Photos of your books & materials

Portraits with your books & materials

Select + Sort Images

Editing & Processing

Secure Online Library

Create up to 300 Images

£3450 + Travel

NOTE - Prices are excl VAT, Travel charged at cost


Let's Talk About Showing Your Success


"I love the photos! And your practical approach and effective thought process for personal branding too! I've learnt a lot and really appreciate your support. I'll be able to use the photographs time and time again. If you're looking for photographs and personal branding support, go talk to Peter Nutkins - he's ace! I'd happily recommend him to any business or individual looking to grow your business and enhance your brand for better results. He's a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again soon!"

Lizzie Butler, NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Business Development Specialist

"Peter is a highly professional photographer with a very strong vision. The process on the day was seamless and the results were better than we could have imagined. I look forward to working with Peter again and I would highly recommend his services."

Joe Fitzsimons

"[I was concerned] I wouldn’t look good in photographs...Peter was very professional and put me at ease through the whole process. was a fun yet professional experience."

Craig Clarke

“I’m just blown away. Fantastic. Utterly fantastic...We’re really happy with the photos and look forward to seeing them built into the new website. We’re really pleased with the site but of course, it’s the photos that really make it!”

Mel Duffill-Jeffs

"Peter really knows what he is doing with a camera. If you are looking for top quality really impressive portrait photos for professional use I can thoroughly recommend him."

Steve Goodman, Business Coach, Author of The Z to A of Success

"Very good service received from Peter! High quality photos for our new branding. Process went well start to finish. Highly recommended!"

Paolo Ronco, Network Operations Director, Drivalia UK

"I love Peter's photos taken of me, normally I hate photos of me but really pleased with yours, thanks Peter."

Suzanne Smith, Principal HR Consultant, Belvoir Human Resources Ltd