LinkedIn Photo: Nearby Made Easy

Face-to-face networking is one of the most effective ways of building relationships with colleagues and potential clients. But gathering up business cards and typing in the information can be a pain. Your LinkedIn Photo and the Nearby feature make connection easy.

As we come out of pandemic mode and start to meet up again, there is a way to combine the benefits of technology with tried and trusted methods of making a connection.

In the good old days of the business card, you added each new business card to your deck, and if you were super cool then you typed the information into your email program too. Today there are new and easier methods to make a virtual connection with your newfound real-world connection.

You can read about the benefits of networking in this article Business Networking. As an event partner for the Institute of Directors (IoD), I provide corporate photography at networking events and have seen a range of strategies and techniques used.


LinkedIn Photo: the benefits

The first thing to get right is your LinkedIn photo. LinkedIn becomes much more powerful as a way of connecting with a good professional photo.

You look more approachable

A photograph in your profile serves as your own personal brand, making you appear warm, trustworthy, and confident, and allowing you to connect with the viewer on a personal level. Uploading a high-quality photo to your LinkedIn profile will help you make a good first impression and increase the number of people who see your profile.

More chance to be noticed

It's not an exaggeration to say that accounts with photos get more attention. According to LinkedIn data, profiles without photos are viewed less frequently, and 93% of users refuse invitations from people who do not have a photo. This means that having a profile picture on LinkedIn will increase your chances of being noticed!

According to LinkedIn, simply adding a photo to your profile increases its visibility by 14 times and your chances of receiving a response by 36 times. Including a LinkedIn profile picture dramatically improves your chances of being considered.

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Connect Nearby

Translating your newfound connection to an online connection has been made easier by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has brought their virtual business network into the real world with the amazing 'Nearby' tool. All you need is your mobile phone preloaded with the LinkedIn app, and your phone set with Bluetooth sharing enabled.

Switch On LinkedIn Nearby

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is ON and you can be discovered
  2. Open the LinkedIn App
  3. Go to My Networks
  4. Click the Blue Circle + and select Find Nearby

Note: This feature works best when the organiser sets up a time to do this, Find Nearby auto changes to OFF each time you quit the App.

Once you have met in person you can connect live by simply opening the app making sure that nearby is switched to on (discoverable) and clicking on the headshot. Of course, if your headshot image is fab then it is easy to spot who you are looking for. If your profile photo is of a cat then it is that much more difficult.

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