NicMac Beauty: Commercial Photography

NicMac Beauty was created by owner, Nicola McFarlane, who could not find the makeup in the palette she wanted, and that met her values towards the world, animals, and the customer.


Nicola set about creating a business that aims high in every way. Not only does she offer fantastic products, they meet with the highest of standards when it comes to her core values.

She has successfully combined top quality makeup in a host of vibrant colours with a cardboard pallet with removable colour pods instead of a fixed plastic palette. Her product line is vegan friendly and nothing is animal tested. Her core product of a mix-and-match palette is certainly customer-centric. The tagline for the company "Make Up With The World" certainly feels appropriate.


NicMac Beauty launched to rave reviews from customers who shared her desire for top quality and having a clear conscience towards the environment and animal testing.


Getting the Right Image

The photography for the business had to match the look and feel of the light pastel colours of the company brand. All of the makeup must jump out of the image as vibrant and saturated. There would also be product shots of colours as well as the cardboard palettes - both empty and full.


Our initial work led to us identifying the key elements that I needed to capture, the colour palette and even an initial look at how the images would be used in the new website.


One area of discussion was the processing of the skin of the models. Traditionally beauty photography (and in particular makeup) is processed to perfection. Flawless skin, seamless transitions between shows and light and, of course, beautiful models.


To fit in with the values and brand of the company we decided that processing should be 'natural'. In retouching terms this equates to minor dodge and burn (reduction of skin colour variation) while retaining skin tone - i.e. no plastic people!


Our models were friends of owner Nicola and both has beautiful natural skin to start with, making my job much easier.


All images were created in a single day - product, scene and facial shots. From about 1100 images captured we curated a smaller finished image library for Nicmac Beauty to use in all of their marketing. Click here to visit the NicMac Beauty website.


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