The Personal Brand Photographer

I am a corporate photographer helping individuals and companies build their brand. As a personal brand photographer, I help you tell your story and build trust with your audience.


My personal brand clients are most often solopreneurs, consultants, influencers or speakers. Being a micro or small business means that you are your brand.

If you have an online presence, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, you already have a personal brand. I help you visually convey your brand.

"I've worked with Peter and happily recommend him to any business or individual looking to grow your business and enhance your brand for better results. He's a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again soon!" 

Lizzie Butler


New Business Startup

When first starting a new business it is a great idea to capture your visual content. You only start once, and those early months give lots of opportunities for images. More than a headshot you can build loyalty and trust with your audience from the get-go.

Brand Refresh

Once you have been in business for a while it is a good idea to look again at the way you communicate. Your business offer may develop and evolve over the first few years. Often clients come to me as they are changing their website to reflect their new offer. This is a great time to cement your marketing with personal brand photography.


Visual Voice

Personal brand photography is your visual voice. Your brand images illustrate and reinforce your brand story. It’s how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people.


A pretty website is not enough

If you are like me you spent ages choosing the right look for your website. I wanted the feel of it to be just right. My first website was packed with information about the services I offered and my work.

Yet, I was missing two key elements:

  1. Personality. My website by-passed my personality. My marketing materials were just about my work. They missed the ‘secret sauce’ that people buy from people.
  2. Story. Your audience loves a good story. They want to know the why and the how, as well as the what. Stories are so much easier to tell when you add pictures.


Today people are looking for a genuine connection. Your audience wants to have an authentic relationship with you. They want more than a headshot photo, they want to get to know you.

An image conveys much more information than simply a likeness. From your photo, your audience decides your personality and if they can trust you.

As a personal brand photographer, I work with you to convey the right message.


Jane, my sister, and I had the set of Peter and Jane books when we were children. We read along and looked at the pictures.

My wife and I used the same books with our children. I did not realise just how important those pictures were. They conveyed so much more than the words alone.

As a business person, your story is your brand.

As a personal brand photographer, I work with you to tell your story. Illustrated with magazine-quality photography. I help you communicate with an authentic visual voice.


3 Steps to Success

  1. Planning. First, we’ll schedule a call to make sure we are a good fit for each other. If you decide to book, I’ll arrange to meet with you. We can do this in-person or via video call. We’ll look at your brand and the content you need. We will also talk about locations, outfits and props for your shoot.
  2. Photoshoot. Simply turn up on the day, and I’ll take care of the rest!
  3. Delivery. After your photoshoot, you will receive a minimum of 40 images. These are edited and ready for your website, social media and other marketing.