School Prospectus Photography: Stand Out From The Crowd

During my years as a headmaster, I always struggled to get the right school photography for my prospectus, website, and other marketing materials. Now as a commercial photographer, I help schools convey their message and stand out from the crowd with specialist School Prospectus Photography - suitable for all marketing.

Google "School photography" and you will be met with reams of websites about taking student photos for the SIMS system, and for parents to buy. We are different - we provide School Prospectus Photography. Our photos are used for all the educational marketing images that schools and colleges require (including the prospectus and school website).


Ex-Headmaster now Focusing on School Prospectus Photography

Photography is my second career, after many years in schools in both the South West and the Midlands. I know that the challenges facing you and your school will be unique to your context, legacy, and ambition. In a competitive world, realising your ambition will involve communicating a clear and engaging message.

Images are a powerful way to communicate to your audience.

That is where I can help you.


Getting Your School Prospectus Photography Right Enables You To:

Attract More Students

We all face a changing financial climate. For many families, this will involve reprioritising finances, and that includes education. Communicating excellence, engagement, and encouragement raises the perceived quality of your provision, and communicates the value that you bring to the lives of all the young people that you serve.


Create Distance Between You and Your Competition

Whether you are an independent school or an academy, you want to create a distance between your school and your competition.

Distance is:

  • Independent: how much better your provision is than the best local state school or independent neighbour
  • Academy: how close you are to the best independent schools around you, and how much better you are than the other local state schools

Communicating excellence and ambition improves the perception of your school in the eyes of your students, staff, parents, and community.


Communicate Your Ethos, Values, and Vision

There is a difference between a photo of your school and a photo that communicates what your school is about (we call that school prospectus photography).

Time and time again, studies show that parents highly value schools that provide a safe, happy, and inspiring environment for their children. Great relationships underpin every positive environment, and so the relationships between students, staff, and parents couldn't be more important. Your marketing material needs to convey that this is a priority for your school.

Images that communicate positive, respectful, and authentic relationships in your school make a huge impact on the viewer.


Build Loyalty within Your Community

One of my main priorities as a headmaster was always to build loyalty. For students, this resulted in greater engagement, positive relationships, and a real feeling of school family.

Loyalty among parents not only helps when fundraising; it breaks down barriers between home and school, starting every assumption on a positive rather than a negative.

Of course, having a loyal community helps overcome a diverse set of challenges, from business involvement to local planning applications. 


Engage Parents, Governors, and Alumni

We have all sat through the PowerPoint presentations at a Parents' Evening where slides of text were read to us. 

  • What difference would it make if your school followed the example of professional presenters, who use high-quality images and only a phrase or two on their slides?
  • How would the esteem of your governors change if their reports were punctuated by inspiring professional photos of your school? 
  • Which of your alumni would not be thrilled to receive their correspondence highlighting their school in an inspiring way?

Highlight Your Niche and Specialist Provision

What makes your school unique? Communicating your niche and speciality is key when it comes to all the areas above. It is also fundamental to highly-successful additional fund and grant bidding. 

Most schools have photos. However, not many schools really communicate through their images for a specific purpose.

Recruit High-Calibre Staff

Recruiting the right people in your school is essential to achieving excellence. Today, staff expect a workplace that is just as engaging and supportive as the environment we create for the children. Colleagues want to know that they will be valued, treated with respect, and have good relationships with students and parents.

Getting your school photography right means capturing the photos you will need for teacher recruitment as well as student recruitment.

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