About Photographer Peter Nutkins

My name is Peter Nutkins and I am the Creative Director of Nutkins UK Commercial Photography. I specialise in creating attention-grabbing photography for businesses and organisations across the UK. Our clients include businesses of all sizes and types from the education, services, charity, health, and retail sectors. 

Our clients commission us to support them in communicating their message in an authentic way. Working closely with businesses and organisations of all sizes we capture high-quality images that communicate their vision, values and message. 

Our images help our clients to Attract, Engage, and Build Rapport with their audience. This may be to sell a product or service, deliver a message or change a behaviour.

"Peter is a highly professional photographer with a very strong vision. The process on the day was seamless and the results were better than we could have imagined."

Joe Fitzsimons


"An absolute pleasure to work with and beautiful photography!"

Cotswold Web

Commercial Photography: Case Studies

The case studies below give you an insight not only into the work we produce but also a glimpse of how we work with our clients. We hope that you enjoy the quality of the images created, and the outcomes that our clients enjoy.

Each case study shows a different aspect of our work.


Commercial Advertising

NicMac Beauty was created by the owner, Nicola McFarlane when she could not find makeup in the palette she wanted, and that met her values towards the world, animals, and the customer. NicMac Beauty were looking for images to showcase their products.

Read the NicMac Beauty case study


Building an authentic brand

Business Development Specialist and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Lizzie Butler, focuses on building communication skills. Lizzie communicates authentically to her audience through her personal branding images.

Read Lizzie Butler's case study.


Website Photography

Visiting Bromley House Library is like transporting to a different world. A world where any book lover can get completely lost among the shelves of first editions, restored treasures and more modern tomes. When going through a rebrand the library needed new images.

Read the Bromley House case study


Event Photography: An Open House

The Institute of Directors, IoD for short, has organised a series of national and regional 'Open House' conferences to help British Business Boardrooms make a greater impact.

Read The Open House case study.


Personal Brand Story

Louise Third MBE is a local business celebrity based in Nottingham. She does not limit herself to supporting business leaders in and around the Midlands, Louise is a volunteer for the Teso Development Trust and regularly travels to Uganda to monitor projects in women’s enterprise, village savings and loans funds, and girls’ education.

Read Louise Third's case study.


Polar Lunch: Business Photography

Polar explorer, Fiona Thornewill MBE, inspired Nottingham business leaders by talking about her polar experiences and how they have shaped her life.

Read about the Polar Lunch


Homeless Shelters In Time Of Need

Homelessness is something that many of us do not like to dwell on. There is much stigma and misinformation about being homeless in the UK. However, there are a few special people who offer a hand to help in the hour of need. The YMCA in Lincolnshire is one such group of people.

Discover the Nomad Homeless Shelter


Event Sponsor Photography

Capturing photographs of event sponsors is a key part of being a conference photographer. I explain how I ensure sponsors get full photographic coverage at events that they support.

Read more about Event Sponsors

Selected Clients

  • Louise Third
  • Medilink
  • Moulton College
  • NicMac Beauty
  • nsead
  • Exeter Rotary Club
  • RSK Hi-Line
  • Sarcoidosis UK
  • Somerset Chamber of Commerce
  • Stratstone Jaguar Land Rover
  • Stoney Middleton Parish Council
  • TBAT
  • William Reed Business Media
  • Voice Magazines Ltd
  • YMCA

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