Corporate Event Photographer

Professional Event Photographer, Peter Nutkins, captures the excitement, builds engagement and records the memories of corporate and business events, conferences, ceremonies and celebrations.

Enjoy your event without the worry of keeping a permanent record that you can use again and again by hiring a professional event photographer. You can put away your mobile phone and relax knowing that all I am concentrating on is capturing the best images of what is going on.

If you are an event organiser then you want to be focussed on your guests, the running schedule and the food! The last thing you need is worrying about snapping quality images of speakers and sponsors. Let me handle the images and you can concentrate on making your event the very best it can be.

Your images will be available to download direct from my secure website soon after your event has finished. There is even the option to have a live access as I capture so that you and your guests can tweet, ping and share the excitement as it happens.

How Event Photography Can make a difference

Investing in event photography has many advantages in addition to providing great images for you with the minimum of fuss. You can "Make Your Image Work for You" and your business or organisation. By work, I mean get the most out of, and pay back some of that investment you have made in money and time.

You have just had a brilliant event. Your delegates were buzzing, the speakers were awesome, and insightful learning points were fed back through the plenary sessions. You can rightly be proud. But you can make an even bigger return on your investment.



VIPs, speakers, delegates and venue staff all get a boost when they are part of your visual story. Receive additional exposure as your story is shared across social media through Live Galleries. Imagine professional images taken at the heart of the action shared live by delegates - #awesome!


In addition to celebrating your event through press releases, company newsletters, all the social media, your website etc etc great photos can be recycled to advertise your next event, illustrate future content, and even provide key visuals for your business documents.

Creative and artistic professional photography keeps the conversation going about you and the experience that you provided.



I specialise in creating stylish and engaging commercial photography. Clients hire me to tell the story of their event, capturing them and their guests at their very best. I highlight the big storylines, showcase the 'must have' photographs as well as capture the more intimate and personal stories that always go alongside any conference, ceremony or party.


If you’re looking for a professional photographer for your next event, contact Peter Nutkins Photography today:

Even though I am based in Devon and Somerset I cover photography assignments through the UK including London and the Midlands. So please get in contact to discuss your requirements.