Commercial Photographer

Commercial Photographer Peter Nutkins is a creative professional photographer covering assignments across the UK for companies and organisations. He captures visual content that tells your business story and conveys your message in the most compelling way. Stand out from your competition and inspire action.

When you need high-quality images to tell the story of your brand or business, you need a commercial photographer who understands you and the products and services you sell. I work closely with my clients to capture a set of exceptional photographs that meet their needs, are creative, and also match their style and brand.


Costa during Lockdown

I create photographs that attract the attention of your audience for an immediate effect. Images that engage action in the medium term and build rapport for longer-term loyalty.

Commercial Photographs: The Difference It Makes to You

Fred Barnard's famous slogan from the 1920s, "One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words," still holds today. So, make your images do the heavy lifting when it comes to your communication and consider engaging a commercial photographer.

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, a commercial photographer can make a real difference to your business:

  • When your image aligns with your message, it makes your message much more powerful.
  • Upgrading from stock photos to tailor-made photography enables you to communicate authentically.
  • Authentic communication gives your audience confidence in you. People buy from people. They are seeking a relationship before they invest.
  • Authentic communication is what most people prefer. This empowers you to further attract new customers and engage with existing ones.
  • High-quality images can raise your product or service's perceived quality and value.
  • High-quality images demonstrate that quality is important to you.

"Peter really knows what he is doing with a camera. If you are looking for top quality really impressive portrait photos for professional use I can thoroughly recommend him."

Steve Goodman, Partner at Team of Equals and co-author of The Z to A of Success - The Art of Thinking Backwards


"Make Your Image Work for You".

No matter what images you require, I deliver high-quality visual assets you can use across all of your media channels with confidence and pride.

From portraits of your team for the "about us" page on your website to razor-sharp images for posters and printed advertorials, leaflets, boardroom books, business cards, and email marketing campaigns.

As a commercial photographer, I understand that images need to feature your products or services while breathing new life into your brand. That’s why I approach every single shoot with a fun and energising attitude.

Beautifully executed photography makes me an excellent photographer for all business projects. From idea creation to the final image, I am passionate about developing beautiful images that speak to your company's brand.


C2 Safety Group - a motorway full of their vehicles as they travel the country!

"Peter Nutkins has a remarkable skill in engaging creatively and sensitively with any situation, dark rooms, busy, shy or distracted people. He would be my photographer of choice for business.”

Lesley Butterworth, General Secretary, National Society of Education in Art & Design


Commercial Photographer For Your Business

Creativity and impact are hallmarks of my work, whether you represent a large chain looking for outstanding business photography or need visual content as an individual entrepreneur, artist, or maker.

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If you are looking for commercial photography for your next campaign or project, then get in touch today for a no obligation chat:


Creative Photographer for Websites

For many businesses and organisations, their websites are their shop fronts: a place to tell their story, connect with customers, sell their products, and promote their brand. The images on your website are a powerful statement about your brand. That's why it's crucial you get it right, and choose the right website photographer.

When commissioned, the first thing I do is listen to you, the client. I find out what you do, why you do it, who your intended audience is, what drives you each day, the passion you have for their business, and where you want to be in the future.

Why does this matter? Because the photographs I create for your website need to engage with your customers and immediately make them feel at home. They need to complement the brand, be informative, show the products or services and introduce new customers to the business and staff. They need to feel like they belong to your business and not your competitors.

Key Features of the Service I Offer:

  • Creative photographer for your website's image content
  • Available to work directly with businesses or website designers and developers.
  • Suitable for initial website builds, rebrands, and updates
  • All edited photographs are supplied as both high-resolution as well as ‘internet optimised’
  • Photographs can be used on a client's website, blog, social media channels, and for all their marketing and advertising materials

You can read a case study of new visuals captured for the Bromley House Library website in Nottingham.

Serving Devon, The South West and beyond

I am located in the beautiful city of Exeter, Devon, and am a commercial photographer for businesses and organisations across the whole UK. Much of my work is based in London and the Midlands. So, no matter where you are based in the UK, please get in contact for a no-obligation chat about your business image needs.

If you are closer to home in Devon, Somerset or the South West of England, then please get in touch.

As a member of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Somerset Chamber of Commerce (based in Taunton), I offer a discount on photography to fellow chamber members. So, let me know right away if you are also a member of either chamber, and you too can enjoy your photography at a reduced rate!