Commercial Photographer

I am a commercial photographer in Exeter, Devon. Every day I help businesses sell their products or services. I create stylish, modern commercial photography so you can connect to your audience.

I am a specialist commercial photographer and corporate photographer. I’m also well-known as an event photographer and business headshot photographer. I don't do weddings.


I help if you provide a service

The majority of my clients are either promoting or selling a service. My clients come from the business sector, public services, and charitable organisations.

The service you provide may be an on-location, such as a consultant or team travelling to a client. This means being out and about with you capturing images as you work with your clients. Sometimes it is easier to work with a trusted friend acting as a client. Whichever way, you get great photography of the service you provide.


I also work with businesses that provide on-site services. For example, this may be a gym, library, museum or shop. Keeping your business running with as little disruption as possible is a high priority for us both.

My specialities include:

  • On-location services 
  • On-site services
  • Solo consultants
  • Charities
  • Member Organisations

Whatever service you provide, I tell your brand story and help you connect to your audience. I create visual content for you that makes your message more effective.


If you feel that you need a little help with your brand I can help there too. As a commercial photographer, I have worked with many clients from different backgrounds. I have identified the kind of look that works well for a range of industries.

I provide you with stylish, modern commercial photography that fits in perfectly with your brand. You can use your images throughout your marketing campaigns.

    Have products to sell? I can help too...

    I'm a creative professional who joins your marketing team as part of your wider marketing strategy. I create promotional images for you to use in your advertising campaigns. Stand-out photography you can use across all media, from websites to printed materials.

    You designed your product in a particular way. So, I pay close attention to detail and focus on capturing shape, colour and texture.


    Product Background

    Many clients request a plain white or black background for their images. Usually, this is to fit in with their website, or they would like a cut-out for their online shop.

    I also create photographs of your products in context. Customers viewing your product in its natural environment enhances engagement.

    For example, customers prefer seeing clothes worn by real people. They find it easier to imagine themselves in the same situation.


    How does a Commercial Photographer benefit your business?

    Quality images help sell products and services.

    The major global brands spend a lot of money on their images, as they know it makes a huge difference in sales. Even a single image can determine brand success.

    The 'hero image', an image that defines your brand or campaign, increases engagement. It is simple. More engagement means more sales.

    If you are selling a product or offering a service a commercial photographer can make a real difference to your business too.


    Here are some ways your business can benefit:

    • High-quality images raise your product or service's perceived quality and value. That is why Mercedes use high-end photography.
    • The right image conveys much more than a likeness. It communicates context, emotion and values to your audience.
    • Upgrading from stock images to tailor-made photography makes your business look more authentic.
    • People buy from people. If you can show your people, character and values more people will buy.

    Sometimes I am asked how businesses use their commercial photography. You would be surprised at the range of different ways. Often, a commercial image is used over and over again in a range of different ways. Here are some examples:

    • Inside book covers
    • LinkedIn pages and profiles
    • Magazines
    • New Business Startups
    • News outlets
    • Project Management Reports
    • Posters
    • Press release/statement
    • Prospectus
    • Re-brands
    • School Prospectus
    • Service Menus
    • Social media campaigns
    • Testimonials
    • Trade stands
    • Training Materials
    • Van wraps
    • Videos
    • Website images

    Commercial Photography Image Bank

    Once your images are ready I present you with an Image Bank.

    This is a library of images for you to use. Most of my clients use their images on their websites, social media, and printed materials. So, every image is available in these three formats. Each format meets the size and quality requirements of each media so you can use them straight away.

    Next Steps To Your Photography

    Getting quality commercial photography should be simple. You should feel that your images are working for you and supporting your commercial goals.

    Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about your requirements: